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Think about the last time someone left your company and you didn't see it coming. You wish you could've known about it earlier. You could've done something about it.

You don't ​have​ to be the last to know. Know Your Company has helped hundreds of business owners overcome this exact same struggle. If you're curious about how we can help you too, please read on.

Is this you?

When you first started, your company only had a few people. Today, you're 30, 40, 50 strong. You used to all be in the same office. Now, you're spread out across the country, maybe even across the world.

You don't rub shoulders with everyone anymore. It's hard to stay current on how everyone feels about the company.

You don’t know your company as well as you used to. As your responsibilities grow and your time seems to shrink, you know it will only get worse.

Introducing Know Your Company

Know Your Company is a software tool that helps you learn something new and important about your company that you didn't know before.

Every week, you’ll learn three different things...

  1. You'll learn how your employees feel about your business, the work, the culture, etc. You'll uncover blindspots in your company. You'll be able to address issues before they turn into bigger problems.
  2. You'll learn what everyone in the company is working on. Everyone will be on the same page. No one in the company will feel in the dark about what's going on.
  3. You'll learn more about everyone in the company as people. This could be a favorite recipe or movie. The small connections will bring everyone a little closer together.

Our software was originally built by Basecamp (formerly 37signals), makers of the world's #1 project management software. If you'd like, you can read our full story of how Know Your Company was founded.

Our software is built on these core beliefs.

People first, above all else.

Getting to know your company better is not about "checking a box". You genuinely care about your employees, as people. That's why you care about to getting to know them, and what they think about the company.

The truth matters.

The truth isn't always pretty – but you want to know what it is, regardless. Knowing the truth of what your employees think is the first step toward building the best company possible.

Answers only come when you ask questions.

You can't expect people to volunteer information about your company's vision, culture, and work, etc. on-the spot. If you want to know something, you've got to ask about it.

Words are nice, but action is better.

The point of asking for feedback is to inform what you *do*. So you can't say you want feedback, and then do nothing with it. If you don’t plan to take action, why ask at all?

Make feedback a routine.

You can't ask for feedback just twice a year. Information dumps aren't useful. Feedback has to be regular and feel like a routine.

Make feedback easy.

It can't be a burden to get to know each other better, or else no one will do it – including you.

​You'll become a better business owner.

“Know Your Company is one of the best decisions we have ever made as business owners.”

Cathy Atkins, Co-Founder of Metis Communications

Cathy atkins

“Know Your Company ranks high among my most effective CEO tools.”

Doug Breaker, CEO of EarthClassMail

Doug breaker

“Know Your Company makes us better managers, by raising concerns before they become problems.”

Jason Chicola, CEO of

Jason chicola

“Know Your Company helped us be a more transparent company and helped me be a better leader!”

Brian Solano, CEO of CE Broker

Brian solano

You'll stay better connected across the company.

“It's like having a virtual all-hands meeting, all the time.”

Ward Poulous, Co-Founder of ZipRecruiter, Inc.

Ward poulous

“Teams find common ground they didn’t know was there, and new people find reasons to connect with their people they don’t cross paths with on a day to day basis.”

Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision

Amanda lannert

“It's like having a second set of eyes and ears.”

Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil

Richard banfield

You'll uncover insights that you didn't know about.

“I’m surprised every week by the insights I’ve gotten, and I’ve made frequent adjustments as a result of them. I highly recommend it.”

Greg Hoy, CEO of Happy Cog

Greg hoy

“Using the insights we've gained from Know Your Company, we've taken action to improve many HR processes such as our training and onboarding program, vacation policy, and inclement weather protocols.”

Sei-Wook Kim, Co-Founder and Principal at Barrel

Seiwook kim

“Because of Know Your Company, we now know how truly deeply our staff is interested in, cares about and wants to help drive the strategic vision and direction of the company as a whole.”

Sandy Greene, Principal at Intuitive Company

Sandy greene

“We have a whole host of benefits of working with 383, but rather than just growing the list of benefits blind, Know Your Company has allowed us to optimise and change what we have inline with what our guys really want.”

John Newbold, Founder & Creative Director of 383 Project

John newbold

You'll build a company culture where employees feel safe speaking up.

“Thanks to Know Your Company, we now better understand the value of creating a safe space for our employees to share what's on their mind, and we look forward to reading the responses every other day.”

Jason Stirman, Product Design and People Operations at Medium

Jason stirman

“It’s always been important for us to build a culture of openness and transparency and with Know Your Company, we’ve been able to find a simple tool that helps us deliver.”

Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder of Vodori

Grant gochnauer

“One of our core values revolves around being courageously transparent and we get better at it every day. Know Your Company helps us fulfill that core value and allows us to be even more intentional about the importance of fostering great dialogue between employees.”

Jen Randall, President of Maestro

Jen randall

Read the success stories of business owners who've used Know Your Company.

Cathy atkins

Cathy Atkins

Co-Founder of Metis Communications

Cathy uses Know Your Company to stay connected as a remote co-founder to her
25-person company.​Read Cathy's Story

Suraj kika

Suraj Kika

CEO of Jadu

Suraj uses Know Your Company to keep a regular pulse on his 70-person company that has three international offices. Read Suraj's Story

Suzanne mayeur

Suzanne Mayeur

VP of Operations at Procore

Suzanne uses Know Your Company to sustain a cohesive company culture, as her company has grown from 70 employees to 298+ employees. Read Suzanne's Story

Grant gochnauer

Grant Gochnauer

Co-founder of Vodori

Grant uses Know Your Company to give his employees a voice, and create transparency in his 45-person company. Read Grant's Story

Ready to know *your* company?

Great to hear! Before using Know Your Company, there are a few requirements to make sure it's a good fit:

  • You own a company between 25 and 75 employees.
  • You're struggling with growing pains.
  • You're committed to acting on feedback.
  • You're willing to invest $100 per-employee, one time. For example, if you have 27 employees, you'd invest $2,700, once. No monthly or annual fees.

If this sounds like you, just fill out this form. Our CEO Claire Lew will email you back within 24 hours to set up a personal tour of the product. Claire will show you how it works and answer any questions you might have. It'll only take about 30 minutes.

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